About this site

This site is a comprehensive listing of film photography darkrooms and, in the future, shops and processing labs currently open in London, UK.

Film photography is flourishing again, and after a few years of darkrooms closing down in London, there are now new ones opening up.

Explore the site to find a darkroom in London near you, and experience the magic of making your own prints!

Where does this information come from?

I collected information about each darkroom from their official website and other online sources. In the future, I plan to visit each of the darkrooms to gather additional information and take more photos.

Spotted a mistake or something missing? Get in touch at contact@londonfilm.photography

How do I book a darkroom?

Get in touch directly the darkroom you’re interested in - all of them have a slightly different process for becoming a member (if that’s necessary) and booking time to use the darkroom.

Sorry, you can’t make a booking directly through this site.

Who made this and why?

I’m Alex, and photography is one of my many hobbies. Over the last couple of years, I re-discovered film photography and started developing my own film and making prints.

I helped set up and manage a community darkroom at London Hackspace.

As the Hackspace is currently searching for a new home, I started looking for somewhere else to continue printing my photos. I found it hard to get information about the different darkrooms available in London, so I thought I’d make this easier for the next people looking for the same thing.

I don’t make any money through this site, and none of the darkrooms have paid to be listed here.